Township 10

Somehow I ended up standing in the exact timber frame kiln shed that I dreamt about two years earlier. Blame Josh Copus for calling me and telling me to just come look at the property for sale in Western North Carolina. Blame Alex and Connie Matisse for creating a ceramics Shangri-La imbued with vitality, purpose and extraordinary beauty at East Fork Pottery.

Standing there, I knew it was an opportunity to build something special –– a sweet, intimate place to make work and foster community in the Blue Ridge mountains. I envision a year round artist-in-residence who lives and works on site. I plan to invite artists to work side-by-side and engage with the dynamic local art scene. I want to hold space for young ceramic artists to find their own voice after intense experiences like apprenticeship and internship. I’ll be making sculpture and working large so the facilities will support that type of work and thinking.

These are early days and there is so much work to do. Planning is underway on the mission and model, but also a "bunkhouse," kilns, affiliations and future partnerships. Check back here for updates. And if you have ideas on what’s needed locally or what you’d like to see in the broader ceramics community, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.