Spellbowl: she found a teacher
Premonition I: fishing on calm seas
Premonition II: if we are going to do this, he said, I need to know your greatest fear
Premonition III: Open water, she whispered
Illuminant III ...for years she sank and thrashed
Illuminant I …out of sequence of time, loneliness before loss, passion after suffering  and wild energy descending in the middle of the middle…
Illuminant I (detail)
Undertow I-V she nestles against the bottom of his boat as massive columns of light stream around her
Undertow V
Illuminant II there is no return
Illuminant II (detail)
Premonition IV: magnificent and clear-eyed, he told her to stand up
Shadow: she can not know that above, he is sunstroked––blind and lost
Gaze: dead, she opened her eyes
Proposition (in lieu of an elevator speech)
Shefish: all around her the unseen
Photo of Drowned World show
Photo of Drowned World show
Photo of Drowned World show
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