Marjorie Dial received her MFA in Craft from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, OR in May 2019. Dial grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, attended Yale University and owned an import store specializing in Southeast Asian crafts and decorative arts. In 2011, she took a community art class and everything changed – “When I first touched clay at the age of 40, I felt like I woke up from life and started dreaming.”

Dial’s practice is animated by the belief that we are all engaged in a deep search for meaning, connection, pleasure and purpose. Much of this seeking takes place hidden from awareness in submerged, unconscious spaces – an ocean of unsayable things that have been expelled from language.

She develops ideas through research that includes psychology, archeology, poetry and spiritual practices. The primary material is clay. Making is frenetic with long work sessions in the studio. Gritty black clay is coiled, pounded, pressed, pinched and pulled up into abstract forms. Her interests lie in giving form to – creating markers, often broken, dislocated, remnant – for what exists in shadowy places.